Billboard Sk8, is a progressive public art platform that merges art, youth and the community.

Integrated into the Knox Regional Skate and BMX park, Sk8 is an impressive billboard that stands 6 metres high and is 7×3 metres wide.

The platform was produced to feature a series of artworks, created by young emerging and professional artists developing works with and about the community.

Sk8boards’ opening project was ‘Sneaker’, a sustainable program about art, education and ethical choices.

Artist Clare McCracken, along with Knox-based fair trade manufacturer Etiko, worked with Knox City’s local secondary schools to create over 600 works of art for the Knox Festival using sneakers. The winning design opened Sk8board.

The project additionally involved the creation of a fully integrated social media strategy for Knox Public Art including a Twitter, Facebook, WordPress blog and Smugmug photo site.