Art For A Cause

Art for a Cause was developed as a public art program that connected art and social causes to the public through semi-public foyer space.

Representing 44 different causes, featuring over 100 artist and engaging thousands of new viewers through a previously static space, the program was tremendously successful and showcased across national media.

The term ‘Art for a Cause’ describes the concept of creating exhibitions all linked through one key element; causal art. The art created was representative of a range of human and environmental causes.

The program was established in the building foyer of 15 William Street, Melbourne, Australia and based on its success in 2007, commissioned for the Grenfell Centre Building in Adelaide, South Australia.

Corporately funded the exhibitions ran for 5 years across Adelaide and Melbourne, providing exposure to charitable initiatives and artists in a professional and highly exposed environment. It connected with key building tenants and their guests, fostering relationships between tenants and supporting tenant initiatives.