Installations & Curatorial

Kim’s work as a creative director/producer focuses on developing the connections between people – the innovative space between. She enjoys working across these groups in unexpected ways, creating powerful social platforms that have the potential to catalyse change. She believes in supporting the artist and the integrity of their work while balancing a project’s strategic deliverables for stakeholders and audiences.

“Dear Kim, a huge thank you for your indefatigable enthusiasm and diplomatic expert negotiation skills through the Empire of Dirt project…which has made this process a joy to work through”, Julia Mihai Wonderment Walk Victoria.

“Kim’s Art for a Cause program was innovative and attractive providing our tenants with an engaging art program, supporting and generating awareness for a broad range of social causes, introducing our building to new audiences and giving artists a professional, free platform to exhibit work. As an investor, it made commercial sense while also providing public and social benefits”. Emil Bulum, Pro Equity Group.

“I have worked with Kim on two artistic projects and she has been instrumental in the final successful realisations of both. As a creative producer, Kim is always highly organised and hugely energetic; she is enabling, supportive, available, considerate and thoughtful even under great pressure … “. Catherine Clover, Artist.

Below is a selection of commissioned installation, curatorial and private art installations, click on the individual photo to read more.