Installations & Curatorial

My work as a creative producer focuses on developing the connections between people. I believe this ‘space between’ is where the magic exists. It’s a great joy to work across these spaces in unexpected ways, creating powerful social platforms that have the potential to catalyse change. Supporting an artist’s intention while balancing a projects strategic deliverables is challenging and an ‘art’ I approach with passion.

“Kim’s Art for a Cause program was innovative and attractive because it created a ‘win-win’ situation providing our tenants with an engaging art program, supporting and generating awareness for a broad range of social causes, introducing our building to new audiences and giving artists a professional free platform to exhibit work. As an investor, it made commercial sense while also providing public and social benefits”. Emil Bulum, Pro Equity Group.

“Dear Kim, a huge thank you for your indefatigable enthusiasm and diplomatic expert negotiation skills through the Empire of Dirt project…which has made this process a joy to work through”, Julia Mihai Wonderment Walk Victoria.

Below is a selection of commissioned installation, curatorial and private art installations, click on the individual photo to read more.